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Pest Control - Chemical Products Used In Construction
There are many chemicals available in markets that are used as pre-treatment chemicals for Pre-Construction Pest Control while construction of a new house. These products guarantee protection of your house for a long period of time form different pests. The Best chemical used for protecting wood from attack of termites is termidor. This product is sold in America on a very large scale. This is a very effective chemical. It stops termites from doing any damage to your walls of wood. It is not a repellent. It almost kills termites as they enter the treated area. There are many insecticides in this chemical. When these termites start biting the wood, this chemical goes into their stomach and causes death.

Another very good termiticide that can be used is Permethrin 36.8%. This is an effective chemical that stays longer on walls and makes them safe. It is good for ants, beetles, bag-worms, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, ground beetles and many more. You can apply this chemical on interior side of walls, on landscape gardens including lawns, parks and ground, tiles and other building material.

Demon TC and Cyper TC are used as Pest control ingredients. These products not only kill the termites but also repel other termites. This chemical will last for almost 6 years. You can use it under slabs as pre-construction material. You can use as post construction material too. You can use them along walls, slabs and other places that can be infected. These chemicals can also be used for killing other pests other than termites.

Dominion 2L or Premise 2 Termiticide are very good and well concentrated chemicals that are effective for treating wood. You can use these for protecting plants too. They are not repellents to termites. So, termites will not be killed until and unless they come in contact with these chemicals.

There are many other chemicals easily available in the market which you can use as pre-construction ingredients for pest control. Before using or even buying product, read the instructions first. There are some products that are allowed to be used in specific state of America. Keep these chemicals away from the approach of your children because after all these are deadly concentrated chemicals.

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