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Commercial Pest Control Methods
One of the biggest problems of most commercial buildings, especially restaurants, food chains and hotels are pests. A well-managed commercial establishment starts with three basic IT Companies Pest Control methods: Inspection, Sanitation, and Exclusion.


Once it was determined that there are pests in your building, the first thing to do is to inspect. This includes knowing where pests are breeding, harboring, or traveling so that you will easily know where you exactly should concentrate applying pesticides. The Places that you need to inspect are trash bins, floor drain, sinks, electrical outlets, electrical boxes, kitchen cabinets, wall voids, crevice, and any hollow tubing on legs of appliances and in on other equipments that have cracks. You can use glue boards near the areas you want to inspect to help you monitor these areas and to help you know what types of pests are living in.


Prevention is better than cure! So to prevent pests from breeding in your building, you need to have a proper sanitation for the whole area. All the suspected places where pests can possibly live in must be cleaned up as regular as possible, and especially before leaving the place overnight. If left uncleaned, any of the areas in your building can pose a pest infestation.


A proper way of pest exclusion is to do it immediately. Want to get rid of pests in your area? Do it now! You have to take a necessary action once you know you have unwanted guests in your building before they become hundreds then hundreds more until they become too hard to eliminate. Included in this method is making sure that weather seals on the windows and doors are tight; caulk each opening that leads to wall voids; and do not leave doors and windows open, most especially if they don't have screen. Eliminating pests outside near your building is also a good preventive option to avoid your commercial area from pest invasion. To know more about how to commercial pest control services visit us now!

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