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Advantix Flea and Tick Control
Which Flea and Ticks Control in Ghaziabad works the best?

There are many products on the shelves at your local pet store and they all contain the same ingredient - permethrin. This has been the active ingredient in flea and tick control medications for a long time.

But now Advantix has come up with a better method that offers a double whammy to the biting insects that afflict your dog.

Advantix Flea and Tick control is manufactured with two active ingredients - imidacloprid AND permethrin. These two ingredients attack the insect's central nervous system - debilitating it first, paralyzing it and killing it before it can multiply. No other product works in this way and is as effective in the battle against fleas and ticks.

Are Ticks harmful?

There are a variety of ticks - Brown Dog Ticks, Lone Star Ticks, American Dog Ticks and Deer Ticks. Each of these ticks is capable of carrying a disease and passing that along to your furry friend when it bites. Deer ticks carry Lyme disease which can cause paralysis, brain damage and potential death. Advantix Flea and Tick control works by preventing the tick from attaching itself to your dog - thereby stopping it from biting and spreading any nasty disease.

With one very quick and easy application just once a month, you can protect your four-legged friend from any would-be diseases and infections.

Applying the topical medication takes just minutes and your dog will thank you for it.

Pest Control in Ghaziabad  - Advantix Flea and Tick Control comes in packages of either 4 or 6 doses - with only one dose a month that means one package can offer 4 - 6 months protection.

Two to three purchases a year guarantees a healthy, happy pet and a satisfied owner.

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