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How to Chase Lizards Out of Your House
Most of people, especially women are very allergic to lizards. These creatures can be seen crawling up walls. In most cases, they do not cause any harm to the residents of a house. But if there are too many of lizards in your house due to one reason or another, you may want to do something to rid your house of them. In this article, we will let you know how to chase these creatures out of your home without causing any harm to them. Read on.

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Identify the places in your house where you often come across with lizards. They can be in a room, below furniture or in corners.

Now, try to expose all the hidden places by rearranging furniture and turning things over. This will make it harder for lizards to hide themselves.

To let the lizards leave, you should open the doors or windows of your house. Now, chase the lizards out of you room through the windows. That is it.

Lizard Control in Ghaziabad  - Tips to keep in mind:

· Warmth and food are good sources of attraction for lizards.

· Go near the lizards cautiously. They will get into the hideouts if alarmed.

· At night, lizards are relatively more active and produce a squeaking sound.

· Wall lizards are beneficial for your garden since they eat up roaches that can cause harm to your plants.

· Killing lizards is not a good idea, as they are not harmful. They do not hurt humans. When threatened, their bellies change into rust or blue color.

· Actually, lizards can be seen climbing up walls and windows at night. They hunt bugs attracted to sources of light. Poisoning lizards is not recommended, as very few types of lizards are dangerous.

· Lizards feed on insects. So, if you are trying to get rid of insects in your house, they can help you with this.

· When you are watering you garden, you should allow a small stream of water on a wall in order to let the lizards drink water. It will be an incredible sight.

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