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Can Airplane Bird Strikes Be Avoided?
Birds are the scourge of airports all across the country.  Most airports try to chase the birds with sound such as cannons and sound deterrents with limited effect.  Some also employ his use of falcons to deter birds from flight paths.  So how airports can rid the surrounding areas of birds by Airport Pest Control?

There are new products on the market that reduce birds from open areas. These units create a fog or mist which at a 5-micron particle size floats and rises up to 700' to get rid of pest birds.  The active ingredient in this fog is Methyl Anthanilate, a food grade repellent.  When the repellent fog comes into contact with birds, it affects their mucous membrane and trigeminal nerve.  In other words, it irritates them to the point of changing their habits.  Birds will alter flight patterns, grazing habits and nesting sites.  The exposure is harmless to the birds and people.  The extract has been widely used by pest control companies for safely and humanely deterring pest birds and geese for decades.

These units are new state-of-the-art units that are easy to install and program. They can be installed by a professional installer or by most airport maintenance crews.  If installed in the approach areas of runways, they should help to reduce the bird populations there and the number of bird strikes at airports each year.

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