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Carpet Cleaning To Control Carpet Beetle Infestation
Carpet beetles are hard to see because they are so small, and sometimes their presence may not become apparent until damage has already been done to the carpet or upholstery. They like to hide in dark secluded areas like corners, crevices drawers and closets.They can also be found on the underside of rugs. Especially wool rugs. Tell tale signs of the presence of these pests may be a bunch of fecal pellets, each pellet about as big as a grain of salt, or shed pupal skins.

Adult beetles are attracted by sunlight, and feed outside on pollen and nectar from flowers. When they are ready to lay their eggs, they will fly into your home through open windows or cracks and crevices, or they are sometimes carried in on flowers cut from the garden.

Here are the keys for Carpet Beetle Control in Ghaziabad infestation:

Locate the beetle source. Check to see where the larvae are feeding. Look for places where there may be dead insects, food scraps, hair, other natural fibers, or larvae food sources. This is particularly essential for wool carpet.

Keep adult beetles out. Make sure doors and windows are properly secured, and that weather-strip guards are always in place, especially in spring and summer.

Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum. Vacuum your carpet and furniture frequently. It is recommended that this be done at least once per week, but it should be done more frequently if at all possible. You will want to use a powerful vacuum to suck up all the eggs and larvae together with all the food sources that will allow the beetle larvae to thrive. Make sure the dust container is emptied outside the house.

Remove infected items. Get rid of items like rugs, furniture or old clothes that may be infested with carpet beetles. Throw them in the garbage or destroy them otherwise. Don't give them away.

Clean carpets and furniture regularly. Carpet beetles and larvae will be killed at a temperature above 140 degrees F. This temperature can be maintained at the carpet surface by a truck mounted deep steam carpet cleaning system. Their powerful on-board vacuum will also suck out living and dead organisms, their byproducts, and food stock from your carpet.

In situations where the carpet beetle infestation is severe, it may be necessary to call in a pest control professional. Regular and frequent vacuuming and steam carpet cleaning however, will usually be adequate for Pest Control in Ghaziabad of carpet beetle infestations.

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