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Termite Treatment Pre and Post Construction
Termite treatment pre construction

Before construction going for termite treatment can help you to avoid future problem. In many construction specifications the project demands for termite protection during finishing and many people also request for termite free environment. There are several stages included in the pre construction termite treatment as to ensure termite free construction. One of the most common methods is treating the soil with insecticides before placing any slab. It will be helpful in making a chemical barrier between the slab and the masonry. This will prevent the insect from approaching the building. This chemical treatment can be done in the following manner.

• Prior starting foundation work the bottom and sides of excavation should be treated with chemicals.
• Before placing the slab holes should be made on the earth and chemicals should be fill in it.
• Between the intersection of walls and floors ensure to use chemicals.
• To make the future of piping secure you should fill an area of pipe beddings with chemicals.

Post-Construction Pest Control

Prior starting any kind of treatment it is necessary to assess the entire area. Deeply investigating the area will help you to know the extent of damage, if any, and the location of the termite. At the time of chemical treatment there are several things that you need to consider.

• Similar to pre construction process make holes around the house and fill it with chemicals to make the house termite free.

• You can use Termidor to treat the walls and floors. Most of the walls should be treated as to ensure there is no more spreading of these insects.

• You should apply chemicals to each point where the wood is in contact with the ground or any other part.

• If there are any wooden products where high presences of these white ants are there, it is better to replace them, when they are beyond the repair limit.

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