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Treating Different Kinds of Wood Pests

Woodworm is by far the most common wood pest. Some other pests need similar treatment, others require none at all.

Powder-post beetle
Use the Wood Borer Control in Ghaziabad procedure outlined for woodworm.

House longhorn beetle
This is a rare pest which can cause a lot of damage. Authorities are anxious to know of any outbreak, and if you suspect that you have one you should seek expert advice.

Death-watch beetle
This is rarely found in modern houses but it is a problem in churches where it is usually associated with fungal decay which may have caused structural damage to the roof. Eradication treatments are similar to those for woodworm, but as the insect often penetrates well into the wood it may be necessary to inject the insecticide more deeply. In roof spaces, regular use every summer, say of insecticidal smokes for several years should achieve effective control.

Bark borer
No treatment is required as this beetle cannot breed once infected bark edges have been removed.

This pest is found only in limber which has already suffered wet rot. Replace the rotten wood with new treated timber to ensure no further attack.

Safety with chemicals
The fungicides, insecticides and wood preservatives used to treat rot and woodworm are potentially dangerous and, for safety's sake, it is essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

HOW URGENT IS REMEDIAL TREATMENT by Pest Control in Ghaziabad?

The damage caused by woodworm extends fairly slowly and the infestation spreads only when the beetles emerge in early summer. It is usually best to postpone remedial treatment until May or June, when the insects are likely to be nearer the surface of the timber than at other times of the year.

Dry rot
If active dry rot is discovered, take action quickly the fungus will continue to spread in all directions until its further growth is checked. If repairs cannot be put in hand immediately, open up and expose the fungus to the air so that the wood can begin to dry out and so check further growth.

Wet rot

Because wet rot does not spread as far nor as fast as dry rot, a few weeks' delay in dealing with it may not matter much, especially if the wood is beginning to dry out. But it must be eradicated as soon as conveniently possible.

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